Samuel Schneider Going Full Frontal in Agonie

My 15th Personal Nudity Moment of 2017!
OMG OMG OMG!!! Best thing ever! Samuel is absolutely, incredibly gorgeous.
And I didn't think this movie would actually give us a full frontal view!
And THAT ASS! So plump and hairy!
I still cannot quite believe it. Just wow! Right? He is so gorgeous.
But BEWARE: Scene is incredibly gruesome/disturbing! (You know, as usual when male nudity is involved).
There is more nudity in this from him, will post it all in HD next Friday/Saturday!


  1. Yeah, great ass but to have it marred by such a heinous act makes it unwatchable. Thanks for posting it anyway.

    1. I do agree and trust me, I often feel terrible for some of the scenes one must watch for nudity.
      But you can at least enjoy the caps of the frontal and butt. ;)
      And there is a bit more nudity in the movie, which I will post next week.

      But this is his first frontal and who knows if or when he does another one, so what can I do?

  2. Looks a bit like a prosthetic, no?

    1. Excuse me? This is no US production. This is a small, low-budget German movie by a first-time director. I don't think they use prosthetics, nor does it honestly look like one IMO!

  3. I agree with the "anonymous" 4:44 comment. Great ass, but yeah, the scene is way too disturbing. Makes me go soft.

  4. Despite the disturbing scene, his ass is simply divine. Lucky filmcrew and brave of him to show his ass from this angle.

  5. hey xander,
    thanks a lot for this wonderfull post! i know samuel since i have seen him in the movie exit marrakech a few years ago. since then he is on my "want to see nude" list! ;-) i hade high hopes for agonie and the were surpassed at far! getting a full frontal scene of samuel is simply breathtaking! he has a beautiful face, ass and cock! just can´t believe that we were allowed to see everything! and we can be glad, too. samuel is one of the rising stars in german film indursty and the more famous the more unlikely full frontal scenes will become! but so far it is not yet and i have some hope for the upcoming movies with him! thanks a lot again for the post xander!