Friedrich Mücke in Am Abend aller Tage

Guys, this is so heart breaking. Friedrich is my 2nd favorite after Christoph Letkowski and this should have been it. Dominik Graf, the director, who often features frontal nudity and them taking their clothes off in front of one another.
And what happens? Nothing! Seriously, just my fucking luck. 😢
Sorry to be such a downer sometimes... But I just need to be honest with you guys that this was hard to digest and times like these really make me wonder to just stop!


  1. Don't give up, I love what you do. It sucks that we didn't get a frontal from him but I have faith it will happen one day.

  2. Your Blog is like crucial soul food for me. It doesn't ALWAYS have to be beans and franks. Sometimes a screen cap of beautiful male skin is enough.

    Don't give up. We LOVE YOU, XANDER!!!!!