Justin Theroux in The Leftovers, Ep. The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)


  1. The Leftovers is a masterwork tv series, it will be missed. And who doesn't think the show's producers were torturing JT's legions of gay fans by making him whip out his penis in the afterlife -not once but TWICE! - so it could be scanned to prove his identity? Gay viewers are on the edge of their seats and ... nope, not even a glimpse. Yes, this show is sad and heartbreaking - but sometimes it is just hilarious.

  2. Yeah it's pretty shitty of Justin Theroux. Both of the shows other two major male leads Christopher Eccleston and Chris Zylka did full frontal nudity. What's Justin so afraid of, he already teased his dick back in the day in Six Feet Under, why not let the show go out with a bang...especially since it would be in keeping with the its religious overtones etc (Renaissance church art was filled to the brim with dick). Why are American actors so afraid of people laughing at their pee-pees?