Grigoriy Fesenko in Plemya

You can see some frontal nudity when he gets on and off her! And BEWARE, not really consensual sex!

Man, you guys truly, truly rock. Thank you all for your comments! And I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. I am fine if there is more female nudity, I just really dislike it when a guy is nude but the director does everything not to show anyhing from him! Then you really know it is not wanted and it's a terrible feeling (for me).


  1. go straight, then you won't have that problem, haha

  2. Dear Xander, please post Wojciech Zieliński in "Huśtawka" (2010)! He did frontal there!

  3. Great you are back.
    You know, it is not really so I think that there is more female than male nudity in movies. There are a lot more scenes with a nude male and clothed woman (catching the guy in shower, bed etc.) than reverse.
    It is that we want to see more male nudity and that is not as much as we wish I guess.