Jannis Niewöhner Going Frontal in Jonathan

Alright, alright, alright... before I get mean comments. Yes, it is a frontal from a distance.
But honestly? He is frontally naked and we see it and it's his FIRST frontal ever and he is really one of the most gorgeous German actors working at the moment. These days every frontal should be appreciated. Let's do hope he gives a better one in the future, though. ;)


  1. Thanks for all you do, Xander!

    And who leaves you mean comments?!? Anyone who does is ridiculous.

    1. No one really. ;) But some people might see this and laugh cause I called it a frontal. But I see it, so it's frontal to me! ;)

  2. hi xander,
    thank you so much for this post! great! i love jannis and in watched the movie in a small cinema, hoping he will show everything. after the movie i was full of impressions. on one hand due to the hard topic of the movie and on the other side due to the hot scenes. but sadly no frontal of jannis i was thinking. thanks to you i know now that there was everything from jannis! yes! :-) i was not able to see it in normal speed of the movie! ok, you have to watch it frame by frame and zoom in, but it is the first full frontal scene of jannis! simply great! :-) thank you xander!

  3. people can be so picky, i see it therefore it's a legit to call it frontal nudity